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27.02.2018 17:55 - H.E. THE PRESIDENT OF USA DONALD J. TRUMP The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500
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The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500





  Just 10 years ago, I turned to your predecessor, The President Barack Obama, in my Letter entitled "On Both sides of the Coin" from 2008/2009, and described the situation in Bulgaria and the Lies, which continues to run and lead the country then, a new member of NATO and the EU. I had the hope that my words would be heard and seriously analyzed because I had emphasized my knowledge, Christian origins, lobbies in our politics, and long attempts to change the “Status quo in my country, agreed in 1980- or 1985-1986, but in a back of our country  and People’s Will- at least 1956- 2018 - and to this day ..!?

  The President Barack Obama, replied to me - a few months later, and Mrs. Michelle Obama, after him wrote a greeting for "Father"s Day" 2009, which meant that my words were heard wherever I should. He also invited me to the Change for America Initiative, although I had written to him that I am "pro-Republican" and "right-wing, Conservative". In the end, he even made the Republican Party Member- for US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, whom I had seen several times as Senator and President of the IRI, and made me a great impression and attention- like a man, with very broad views.

    I believed that Change had begun, where it had to begin, but it turned out very soon that things did not work, right? In Bulgaria, after a short lull, it continued to flourish - unsettled by the "atavism" of the Soviet system and Communism. In 2009, the Restoration of the former communist ruling dynasty - "Jashar’s" (Zhivkov’s), through its "Cadet and Diadoch", was carefully raised and prepared in the past –Mr.  Boyko Borisov. From 1989- 2009 and to 2018, Bulgaria is an occupied country, in fact, from 3 to 4 former Soviet diversion "divisions" (according to an interview by former Soviet General Kalugin of the Moscow Services, escaped to Canada in 1993- " 22,000 people .. we left in Bulgaria .. Soviet agents .. and our strong Allies.. ", who, for 29 years, since the break with the USSR - no one in Bulgaria - are looking for and trying to clarify- where did they go ...?) - acting , "at the Head of the Enemy ", as criminal diversion groups in the country, under the names: "SIC", "VIS-2", "TIM", etc., All this troops, founded in 1989-1993, Moscow and St. Petersburg,  but acting in their Command. They have their own, internal, strict and hierarchical structure, and subsequently have been "transferred" and registered in Bulgaria as "paramilitary Insurance Companies" - for the realization of real "security- occupation and diversion activity" against the Bulgarian population . The worst thing is that all of this is here, as if, supposedly "American" and "negotiated with the new " Big Brother "- the US, from our previous our "Lords" in Moscow - that"s not right, as I know It.

    So, the time has come for your campaign 2015-2016, and the increased confidence that after you, and you were attacked by  the Statue Quo” of the US, in the same way and with the same accusations and words, as I did in Bulgaria- from 2006 (that I am: "Crazy", "American hawk", "Mason-Illuminati", "Trump"s dog" etc.), because I want to change the “Status quo in my country and  to stop  the "rusophilian" occupation, which is actually "Mafia", and even if it is not  so "rusophile" - I decided that You are, namely, my "Man", for the Ally, Mu Ally- for the change in Bulgaria!

     And as I once signaled, the President Obama, that the US agency "USAID" - cultivates unacceptably "Sorosoidic and post-Communist monsters .." in Bulgaria, from which the US influence in the region alone will suffer, I turn again through You,  to the American Guidance - to present you - a real opportunity for a complete change - in our country and in the Balkans in general - with a few simple and bloodless but very effective and efficient methods of coping with the illegal Occupation of "Status Quo" (which is not only in Bulgaria!) and about village post-Communist influence in our country, and in the whole region of the Balkans if, of course, you have such an interest ..?! Yet, these people, the liberals, here and their sponsors, across the ocean, organize the marches and rallies for Your downfall and "impeachment" and withstand hundreds of millions of dollars to the American taxpayer – for the propaganda against You and against the US?! What a great paradox - really ..?!

     I"m not looking for- neither Mentor, nor- Master- but Allies, Mr. President Trump !!! - if the conditions that are beyond my control, I and the people around me and me will succeed in doing our own , at least here - in Bulgaria - and this will be a world-wide experiment and phenomenon. Our opponents here are from the Ugly "Gentrie"s Society" (the non-re-educated New Generations of the former Communist Clans and the Communist Secret Services and Metastasis Generations) who consider Bulgaria as "their" and the new orientation of our country to "NATO" and "EU" - for "outraged and harmful ..." ?!

   The outcome of the tangled Situations and the constant scandals that "shake" our Society lately is the lack of elementary Justice and the doctrine of the development of economic and hence of political processes. This is due to the behind-the-scenes intervention of some 300 old Communist Families and their mafia smugglers - drugs and weapons from the past, who can not legalize their money and return them legally to the country. They possess the property stolen by the Bulgarians during the Transition (1981-2018) for the exported, about 120-150 billion dollars, which is now abroad and is more and more difficult to return and legalize! Your secret services have all this information - about 80- 90% of that property, which constantly provokes scandals and destabilization of the country, and puts its security in NATO and the EU on a permanent issue. If this property is confiscated and taken away from the 300- Communist, Neo-Oligarchy-Politicians and returned to the country as an American investment (I do not believe in the gifts and will be returned as our property! ), but if that property is still returned - even as a "US investments" - it is enough to change the state completely and completely. I remind you that Bulgaria was four times damaged by international treaties in 1919 and 1946 and did not get its right to "an economic outlet on the Aegean Sea". According to the Neuilly Treaty of 1919, nor compensation for the "refugee Tracian, Macedonian, and Constantinople properties", that was not compensated by anyone and anyone (despite President W. Wilson"s negotiating position) and we lost tens of billions of that. The second time, Bulgaria was wounded - after the end of the Second World War - as the USSR, on behalf of the Republic of Bulgaria, in 1946 - forgiveness of Germany, its huge debts to our country (Kingdom Bulgaria), borrowed, during the war - a course of about  80- 90 billion. dollar, and did not allow Bulgaria to participate in the Marshall Plan for Europe - from which our country lost again - over 30- 40 billion dollars - at today"s prices of investments. Also, despite the signing of the "Tripartite Pact" with Germany – March 1941 - Bulgaria did not allow the deportation of Bulgarian Jews and Roma population from their old, prewar territories, and did not allow, at all, "Roma Holocaust", because according to the agreements with Germany - at Hitler"s concentration camps, at least 50,000 Bulgarian Jews and nearly 150,000 Bulgarian Romas had to died! This was not the merit of the Bulgarian Government and rulers, but because of the impulse of the "Christian solidarity" of the other  and simple Bulgarians - the People and the Church.

     All these "reminders" do because I really believe that we can handle ourselves - without our own help - in an eternal way with the problems on our territory - if the corresponding seizures of funds and money abroad of the 300 Red Oligarchs"- and thus eliminate Mafia"s ability to rule the country and its situation. With this, the enormous power of the "atavistic conscientious influence" in Bulgaria will disappear because it is based only on the blind obedience - to the well- financed and hierarchical former Russian services and their "percussion" groups and assault squads - the coordination of their unified Command (out of the 300 Soviet Oligarchs) - will be hurriedly removed (and they are not a bit - I repeat, the 1993 report by KGB Gen. Kagloygin - where he mentions about 22,000 employees and agents of the USSR ..?!)

   The enormous illegal property of the Bulgarian Red Oligarchy is hidden, mainly abroad, but it is already constantly "deforming" the proper development of the country - towards a market economy and competition, a fair justice system and a road to Democracy without corruption, because the Mafia feels overwhelming , all-powerful and invincible. The absorption of the "European Funds" - 2006-2018, too, did not help - because the Mafia and the Red Oligarchy had appropriated them - still in a "march-to-move" - ​​standing at the entrance and exit of the funding, - standing and seizing our own GERB Government (2009-2018) and other main parties of the country.


     I call on you to call on the American Services and back to seize all the tremendous treasures - large bank accounts and large immovable property of Bulgarian citizens in offshore, personal or other accounts, anywhere in the world - of course - those who have (after testimonies and inquiries by the tax authorities in Bulgaria and the US) - after appropriate court decisions - to be released from your "confiscation"! But only to be released, and after that - after a specific and thorough Survey - or the decision of the "Special Anti-Corruption Authority" - created as a common "Authority",extraordinarily - between the two governments - of Bulgaria and the United States. 

. And the money and property that is "unclaimed" - be confiscated and put into your special American Marshall Fund for Bulgaria to invest in your Bank and to lend with low interest - Projects and Entities - in the field of Energy , The Robotics and the New Technologies in Bulgaria and its profits, to be reinvested in new enterprises for American innovations in the Republic of Bulgaria or in mixed Bulgarian-American "joint ventures" or "clusters".

     The "unsolicited property" will be for at least 60-80 billion dollars, the investment needed for Bulgaria to become a free and equal European state. The economic benefit is clearly more important to us, it will be the political and benevolent benefit - as a charge of the winning market "Justice" - after post-Communism, because this step will cause a great and bloodless change in Society because it will break " the chains of Soviet slavery and nostalgia, fed now - by the tortuous and only visible Transition of the former Communist Red Nomenclature - into the post-Communist Oligarchy.

   The traumatic and sudden interruption of this relationship and of this "mimicry" inherited from the past - will give birth to a new sense of Change and Boldness, with which, in the end, the painful Years of the Transition (1989-2018) will remain, initial "arrangements in Malta, Reykjavik and others. from the 80s of the last century "that the American administration has done - behind the Bulgarian and the entire Balkan population in the past.


 This letter is not an "air dream" or a cry of a "Fanatical man-Trumpeter",  but is a reflection of your campaign and of your now, everyday struggle, as President of the United States - against the media and "The Statue of the United States ". The same is the situation in Bulgaria - a disgraceful and "Statue of the Media", which, as a "Wall" divides the Bulgarians from democracy, Faith in God and from the market economy, restores them to "The Kingdom of Sovietism, Communism and the Only- "Nomenclature," which quietly snatches them and plays them with fake "Russian chants" to hide the fact that she is changing her skin - but not herself - but it becomes more poisonous and eternal "Oligarchy". Now this Oligarchy has harnessed all its resources - to "flatter, besiege and" shoot with you "to present itself here - as your "Oligarchy "..?! It has worn her suits - over the waders with her Soviet trousers - which she will never undress because she is fired that she will be wiped out - by the secret force, the Diversion Legions, and the occupation divisions of her former Lords. . "(The former Soviet Mafia’s groups:" SIC "," VIS-2 "," TIM "or their "drug cartels” that have recently been presented - even proudly as DEA employees - Soros, and waving "cards" to DEA, to Open Society and other American Liberal Foundations .. employees..?!). And is not it funny that, to this day, Bulgarians and public opinion have more respect than Putin and Erdogan than the policies of our "true allies in Washington"?!

     The removal of illegal property - will catalyze the processes of Change in the Country and across the Balkan Region, and redistribute the market - to the new players who now and want can not go forward - because of the old Communist monopolies, the regulations and the settlements of the past

Henry Kissinger and the late one Zbigniew Brzezinski, in the 1970s and 1980s, drew their idea of ​​the post-Communism picture in Bulgaria and in the Region, predicting what would actually happen - the quiet and bloodless Revolution of 1989-1990, but they could not see and show how realistic the Object will change after the short period of the "Restoration" of Communism (2009-2018) and its transition to "post-Communism", but. ....

  ... You, Dear, President Trump, and we, the strong forces in the Bulgarian society, from the ancient Society "Pay-it-Forward” - We know what we have to do - to help these processes of Change and to push the Society forward!

   Let us ally - and make the necessary "Conservative" changes - let"s, God to judge - then ... - whether we were right - in this Our Pious Initiative ..! I do not believe in our "Absolute Success" -in this is capable-only God, in whom we, we firmly believe in you, but all serious changes in the Human Society and rootstocks have always been made by Believers and Blessed People, and I believe that you and we are such (not forgetting our first absolutely random encounter with You at the “St. Moritz Hotel” - New York, late 1996, just before it was reconstructed when you described your plans to change this new place in “the Apple” - and then, all of this- came true with this historic building !!).

   God Bless You, Dear, Mr. President Trump and let God protect America and Bulgaria, allies in the name of Progress and the Future! Let"s be together in this our American and Bulgarian Dream and: “LET’S DO OUR FUTURE- GREAT AGAIN!”

Sincerely Yours,

Nikolay Gatzev, a  Deputy Chairman of the "Elder’s  Society" Association, est. in 1853. / mobile phones- 00359/897/200733 or 00359/895/772337 /


gatzev@yahoo.com.au    www.nikolaigatzev.blog.bg    www.facebook.com/gatzev    www.1853.info


temporary home address:  Sofia, 1618, Vitosha District, Boyana Quarter, Kamchatka Str. No # 5 , eternal residential house, floor 1, app.1,  through daughter-  Mrs. Eleonora-Petra Nikolaeva Gatzeva


My letter to the President Barack Obama  2008/2009- in Bulgarian



the Answer of President  Barack Obama 2009 – in English



the Letter ot Mrs. Michel Obama  - in English


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